Our Mission Statement: We at McGuffey's Readers World desire to provide the best, time-tested educational materials available. We believe these materials provide the best pedagogical methodologies of all time. In addition, we believe these materials provide some of the best thinking to which your children, K-12, can be exposed.

We are a ministry as much as a business. Our "business" is saving little minds!


America can to be said to have grown up on McGuffey Readers. There are estimates that 200 to 300 million copies of the sets have been printed since the 1836 version first appeared. This would undoubtedly rank them in the lofty territory of the Holy Bible itself in terms of numbers.

In order to acquaint the interested person with the beloved McGuffey Readers we have searched for articles from various sources which we believe will accomplish this goal.

What follows is material from several sources (You can go to these sources yourself for further detail) just as they were found on the Internet. We have changed nothing so that you may learn the good, or, perhaps, the not so good, the bad that is said about the McGuffey Readers and their background, especially information about the authors of the original versions: William H. McGuffey and his younger brother Alexander H. McGuffey. These articles represent a diversity of opinion regarding the McGuffey Readers.

The copyright on the original versions expired long ago. As a result anyone can publish a version of the readers, as they are in what is called the "public domain." And many have published their own version of the sets. Many writers have taken "poetic license" in how they re-wrote the books. Because of this we suggest that the older versions are the most reliable in maintaining the integrity of the content as the original authors wrote them.

We have supplied reading instruction materials for over 21 years (See our other website: www.alpha-phonics.com). We have offered several versions of what we believe are faithful reproductions of the early versions for most of this time. We have delivered thousands of sets to families during this time. We have never had any negative feedback from any of these families. In fact, we cannot remember ever having had a set returned to us for any reason during this time. This is, in the book-selling business truly remarkable.

We hope you enjoy learning about McGuffey's (Truly wonderful) Readers.

-The McGuffey's Readers World Folks.


Please do not be offended that we at McGuffey's Readers World even ask this question. We suspect, however, that some parents/teachers and others might not realize that there is a huge difference in the educational materials used today vs. the content found on "old fashioned" materials of, even 50 years ago, let alone what is found in materials of 100 or 150 years ago.

We believe as a general rule: "the older the better." As indicated above the more current versions of classic educational materials have become very secular and "p.c." or politically correct. As a result the good moral points often made in the older versions have become watered down to the point of sometimes not being much above the PG-13 movie material to which many parents object.


As indicated on the Menu Bar on the Home Page of McGuffey's Readers World we currently offer the following categories of materials:

McGuffey and His Readers

McGuffey Readers 1836 Hardback Version

McGuffey Readers 1879 Paperback Version

Harvey's Grammar 1869

Ray's Arithmetic 1834

Spencerian Cursive Handwriting 1848

Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary

History of America - 1966, 1999 (While not old fashioned, highly recommended to be used with these other materials)

Suggested K - 12 Curriculum

Blueback Speller 1783

New England Primer 1690

We will add items to the list of "old fashioned" materials as we identify them and make sure they would be helpful to be included in this specialized website.

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