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McGuffey and
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1836 Original Version
1879 Version
What Others Say
about McGuffey's
122 yr. old
(one room) school
uses Mcguffey Readers
& Ray's Arithmetic
1828 Noah Webster
Special article on
N. Webster &
W. H. McGuffey
Harvey's Grammar 1869
Penmanship 1848
K-12 Curriculum
Ray's Arithmetic 1834
Reading, Writing &
Arithmetic Workbooks
Sower Biography Series
Under God
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McGuffey's Readers World

The McGuffey Readers Center
for good old fashioned educational materials.
Headquarters for all things McGuffey and much more.

From the same people who have brought you
Sam Blumenfeld's
Alpha-Phonics & How To Tutor for over 25 years

Original 1836 (Hardcover)
by William H. McGuffey*

Video Overview of McGuffey's Readers

1879 Version (Softcover)
by Alexander H. McGuffey*

Ray's Arithmetic - 1834*

Harvey's Grammar - 1869*

Handwriting 1874*

Reading, Writing & Arithmetic Workbooks
Written to Accompany McGuffey's Readers,
Harvey's Grammar and Ray's Arithmetic

The Sower Series
Stories of Famous Christians for ages 9 to 14

Webster's 1828

and His Readers

teaching American Government

*These are the educational materials upon which America grew up....
Regularly for sale. Not collectors' items.


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